[Shocking Study] Trace Mineral Shown To Increase Testosterone

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I was just reading thru the new Supplement Reference Guide and
found something extremely interesting…

The supplement Boron is shown to increase Free Testosterone in

I found this pretty cool due to the fact you can pick up 100 capsules
of boron for less then 5 bux.

Notes from the Pub Med study:

10mg Boron for 6 days was able to reduce estrogen without influencing total androgen
status, but increasing free testosterone (possibly via a reduction in SHBG) in 6 apparently healthy average male adults

I always find things like this really cool…

I have not personally tried Boron, but if Pub Med showed these results it is safe
to say it came from a credible source.

So I may be giving this a try in the next few weeks.

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