Self Proclaimed Love For Slow Cardio

What’s up,

I saw a few emails hit my inbox late last night that were making some bold claims…

I am sure you have heard them before…

Claim #1 – Long Slow card is bad for fat loss (Think treadmill walking or jogging)

Man I am sick of hearing this one.

Fact is Long cardio is not bad for fat loss. It is actually very effective and easy to implement.

I have used Incline treadmill walking for years to lean out and look great.

It all comes down to a calories in calories out thing.

If you are burning more calorie then you take in then you will get lean and lose weight.

It doesn’t matter if this calorie deficit comes from diet, or from doing cardio…

Eat more then you burn and you will gain weight.

Science has proven this time and time again.

I mean why else would some idiot lose weight eating only twinkles?

(Please don’t think I am endorsing eating twinkles :)

Claim #2 – Long slow cardio is boring

Well no shit.

Obviously cardio is boring.

Not a lot about dieting in general gets me excited.

I mean I like lifting weights and becoming stronger but there are days even that makes me cringe.

So no…

The thought of walking on a treadmill for 45 minutes at an incline doesn’t make me get all warm and fuzzy inside.

But I know that I will burn off around 500 calories in that session.

thats predictable.

I am sure there were other claims being made.

I think I even saw someone say p90x was bad for you.

One thing is for sure I aint advocating p90x but it is pretty stupid to say it doesn’t work.

Either way…

I am sticking up for long slow cardio.

I think you should give it a try if you haven’t.

The simple act of walking at an incline on a treadmill will do a lot to help you reach your physique goals.

But i must warn you…


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