(Scientific Research) 4 Reasons Why Women Have Sex With Men

sexy_cartoon_girl_4_by_uk_grasshopper-d2a334mWhat’s up,

Man I love the internet…

I was just reading a random fascinating research study.

It was performed by the University Of Texas back in 2007.

Title of the study?…

Why Humans Have Sex.

You see during the study the researchers interviewed 203 and men and 243 women asking them 1 simple questions…

Why do you engage in sexual intercourse?

Now some of the answers were downright terrible but others had incredible psychological insights.

here were my 4 favorite reasons that I felt had a direct correlation with what I talk about in my emails.

1) The persons physical appearance turned me on.

This is a no brainer…

I mean who would have thought actually being in shape and dressing well to enhance your physical appearance would equate to getting you more sex :).

2) The person had an attractive face.

Now this is a little bit based on genetics but studies have shown women are more attracted to an angular jaw line.

This starts to appear the lower you get with your body fat levels. <== up your cardio :)

3) The person was too hot too resist.

Now like reason #1 this is all subjective…

But the more attractive you become by lifting weights, becoming more self confident , and dressing really good… the “Hotter” you become.

Take away point here:

Never stop getting in shape and dressing well.

4) The person seemed self confident.

Now when you factor in the fact that you workout and know your physical appearance is on point,  this naturally will get you more attention from  women your self confidence will go thru the roof.

This then makes the simple act of meeting women (and sleeping with them) seem effortless.

Now I say that not to be a douche but science and research does not lie :).

The more attractive you become…

The more sex you will have.

This still applies for married men(you gotta stay hot for the wife).

So I guess the real question is this?…

Are you as attractive as you want to be?

If not then keep following my advice and focus on the muscles that really matter when it comes to making you attractive.

As for the sex part…

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Talk Soon,


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