[Sample Diet] Start With These #’s

What’s up,

Man last night I had an awesome night…

I got to see one of my favorite bands live in concert here
in my hometown…

The concert was sick…

So much energy throughout the venue…

I don’t know about you but music plays a huge part of
my life.

I have it on pretty much religiously at all times.

It just makes everything better :).

I mean heck…

As I sit at Panera Bread and type this email I am jamming
out to some tunes…

Either way though…

I want to get to the real point of this email…

Your diet.

Look if you haven’t got that bad boy in check yet what are
you waiting for?

When it comes to you looking awesome I can pretty much
guarantee that your workout is fine…

The reason you are struggling to get results is your food.

My guess is too that you are not eating enough.

give this a try for a month.

if you are under 200lbs start with the macros…

60 fats
250 carbs
180 protein

if you are over 200lbs

70 fats
300 carbs
250 protein

That is a really good starting point for most people.

I can assure you in a month or so your metabolism will
be back in check and you will look noticeably better.

If you have no clue what to eat to hit these numbers…

In my opinion it really doesn’t matter.

Eat some whole foods…

But don’t be scared to throw in your favorite junk food
now an then.

For your whole foods though…

I would recommend you hit up some recipes from my
buddy Dave “The Muscle Cook” Ruel’s Metabolic
Cooking Cookbook.

It is on sale tonight until 12 midnight.

So if you want it…

==> Click Here before midnight <==

If not no worries…

I just think it is an awesome resource for anyone who
struggles to make good meals.

N-E way…

I am gonna head out to watch the movie Iron Man 3.

I am pumped.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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  1. Michael Puett says:


    You should consider going low carb and higher healthy fats.

    Not only is fat essential to your body’s function but you can use fat for energy rather than carbs.

    Looking at many shredded dude’s diet it is low carb (Greg Plitt, John Roman). I have tried it personally with amazing results in terms of fat loss and muscle gain. I cycle the days that I eat carbs (fewer on my off days).

    Eat the carbs right after your workout to fill up the empty glycogen levels (glucose is best (potatoes).

    Do a little more research and see what you think because I do not know the reasoning behind low fat. If your eating high carbs like that I would argue more fat will be stored as fat on your body as opposed to low carbs where your glycogen levels are not completely filled and you can burn that fat as energy rather than it ‘spilling over’ to fat stores. In reality I am no expert so you should do some personal reading and take everything with a pinch of salt just as I have taken your suggestion for macros.


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