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What’s up,

I am super pumped up today as tomorrow I am
heading off to phoenix Arizona to race in another
underground fixed gear race.

This one is by far the biggest I have attended
as it is put on by Red Bull (yes the energy drink company).

I don’t know the specifics of the race yet as that
is why it is considered underground…

You basically have to be ready for anything.

Either way I am psyched and have decided to do my best
to video blog the entire race…

So over on my Facebook page I will be doing lots
of quick youtube videos documenting my journey.

This is just a qualifier for a larger race that is being held
in May.

So as long as I get top 10 I am good to move forward.

So if your interested in this type of thing you can follow
along with me over on Facebook.

Or just subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Talk Soon,


P.S. I got a cool gift coming for you guys tomorrow from
one of my buddies stay tuned.

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Ryan Magin

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