Reverse Pyramid Training Explained (Strength And Mass)

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If you have been in the lifting game for any amount of
time I am sure you are familiar with the rep sequence

Pyramid Training.

Pyramid training goes as followed…

Set #1 – 6 reps
set #2 – 8 reps
Set #3 – 10 reps
Set #4 – 12 reps

This is a typical hypertrophy/bodybuilding approach.

Only problem here is it is not catered towards gaining strength.

Now I personally like to always get my biggest bang for my
buck when it comes to training.

So if there is ever a way I can add mass and extra strength
I am always down to give it try…

This is were “Reverse Pyramid” Training comes into play.

With the “Reverse Pyramid” you actually work up to a heavy
weight first…

And the taper down with lighter higher rep sets…

So a reverse pyramid training session would look like this.

Set #1 – warmup x 8
Set #2 – 70% of max weight x 5
Set #3 – Heavy as you can go 3-5 reps
Set #4 – 60% x 12 reps
Set #5 – 50% x 10
Set #6 – 40% x 8

This is designed to knock out your heavy strength building
sets when you are fresh…

Then you shift gears into the higher rep hypertrophy work to
pack on the mass.

You can mess around with the percentages, but I am sure you
can see how effective the Reverse Pyramid can be.

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