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What’s up,

I spent a couple hours last night sitting in an old medical chair
getting work done on my left arm.

Now I am not in any sort of medical trouble I was actually getting
part of tattoo finished.

As of right now most of my shoulder down to my elbow is covered
with some pretty badass artwork.

Not just any art work though, each piece represents a part of my
life that I feel is worthy to carry around on my body forever.

Now as rewarding as looking at the finished piece is…

During the process of getting a tattoo I can only describe it as
highly unpleasant.

But like most things worth having the discomfort is what separates
the men from the boys.

Everything I have achieved in life has come with sacrifices.

This is why I love training so freakin much.

The act of doing it although at times can be fun, for the most part
it takes determination, and dedication.

The act of going from a 225 bench to a 275 for some can take a

But the reward and feeling you get the day your goal weight goes
up to a lockout is worth every ounce of sweat you put in.

You see I like to compare a lot of things in life to building strength.

I am a big fan of systemized progression and being able to see
results of my hard work.

That is one of the reason I am partial to a type of training called

(Power Building is the art of getting stronger as well as building
mass to visually look better.)

Its like the best of both worlds.

Follow a laid out plan to up your weight in the big 3 lifts…

And after shift gears to bring up weak points and build up all
the muscles that make you look awesome with your shirt off.

(As long as your body fat is low enough to see it :)

There aren’t a whole lot of specific power building programs
online today.

One that I highly recommend is Hampton Strength Systems.

It just released yesterday at a special discount until Friday.

So if you are in search of a hybrid type program to up your
overall body strength and add some upper body mass in the

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