(Scientific Research) 4 Reasons Why Women Have Sex With Men

sexy_cartoon_girl_4_by_uk_grasshopper-d2a334mWhat’s up,

Man I love the internet…

I was just reading a random fascinating research study.

It was performed by the University Of Texas back in 2007.

Title of the study?…

Why Humans Have Sex.

You see during the study the researchers interviewed 203 and men and 243 women asking them 1 simple questions…

Why do you engage in sexual intercourse?

Now some of the answers were downright terrible but others had incredible psychological insights.

here were my 4 favorite reasons that I felt had a direct correlation with what I talk about in my emails.

1) The persons physical appearance turned me on.

This is a no brainer…

I mean who would have thought actually being in shape and dressing well to enhance your physical appearance would equate to getting you more sex :).

2) The person had an attractive face.

Now this is a little bit based on genetics but studies have shown women are more attracted to an angular jaw line.

This starts to appear the lower you get with your body fat levels. <== up your cardio :)

3) The person was too hot too resist.

Now like reason #1 this is all subjective…

But the more attractive you become by lifting weights, becoming more self confident , and dressing really good… the “Hotter” you become.

Take away point here:

Never stop getting in shape and dressing well.

4) The person seemed self confident.

Now when you factor in the fact that you workout and know your physical appearance is on point,  this naturally will get you more attention from  women your self confidence will go thru the roof.

This then makes the simple act of meeting women (and sleeping with them) seem effortless.

Now I say that not to be a douche but science and research does not lie :).

The more attractive you become…

The more sex you will have.

This still applies for married men(you gotta stay hot for the wife).

So I guess the real question is this?…

Are you as attractive as you want to be?

If not then keep following my advice and focus on the muscles that really matter when it comes to making you attractive.

As for the sex part…

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Talk Soon,


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[Lifting Routine] The Same Workout Daily

What’s up,

How was your weekend?

I hope it was awesome.

I got in a killer saturday afternoon workout and it was a great cap off to an awesome training week.

I have been changing things up as of late and Like I mentioned last week I am actually doing the same routine up to 6 times a week.

I have been tracking my workouts via my notepad in my phone.

And I figured I would show you what I did last week.

Here is the day to day breakdown:

Mon 2-17

Incline press worked up to 195 3 x 3
Military worked up to 145 5 x 3
Weighted pull-ups +10lbs 5 x 3
Press downs 60
Curls 60


Incline Cardio 220 calories

Tues 2-18

Military 155 4 x 3
Incline 185 5 x 3
Weighted pull-ups +10 5 x 3
Press downs 50
Curls 50

Incline Cardio 220 calories

Wednesday 2-19

Incline bench worked up to 185 3 x 3
Military 135 3 X 3
Pull-ups bodyweight x 3 x 5
Press downs x 40
Curls x 30


(Felt rundown) <== this passed after taking a day off

Thursday 2-20

Incline Cardio 400 calories

Saturday 2-22

Incline bench worked up 215 x 2
Pull ups bodyweight 5 x 5
Press downs x 100
Curls x 100
Reardelts 100 reps

Incline Cardio 100 calories

As you can see I kept the weights pretty tame and actually felt really solid on Saturdays workout and hit 215lbs for 2 reps.

The workout is a hybrid of My Own GQ Body Workout and Rusty Moores Visual Impact Muscle Building.

As for Cardio…

I am doing my Walk Your Way Ripped program and just basing it off of a weekly total calorie deficit. this week

As you can see this week I did 940 total calories burned.

I am gonna keep going with this type of lifting and cardio for the next few weeks.

I am noticeably bigger in the key areas I am going for.

I have gotten lots of good comments from people about how I look.

Feel free to steal this program and use it for your own.

I know it is a little unorthodox but I can assure you it works.

Have a kickass Monday.

Talk Soon,


You Are Your Own Health Insurance

hospital-bill1What’s up,

You crushing this Monday and attacking this week like a boss?

I hope so…

I just read a terrible statistic.

I was reading a news site and saw they quoted that as of right now roughly 78 million are obese.

Holy shit.

That’s not just s little overweight…

That’s OBESE.

Freaking ridiculous.

Add in how many people that are just “Fat” and I bet that shit is over a billion.

This should excite you?

I am all about helping the world get in shape…

But I also like to hook up those that are close to me.

Since you read my emails…

I want you to have the inside edge on all things that can make you awesome.

So rest assured…

By knowing me you are on the inside.

I like being one step ahead of the curve.

I like sharing those steps with my close friends :).

So back to the statistic…

In further reading of the article…

It said many of those said 78 million americans are mad because their insurance wont cover weightloss surgery.

That is weak.

I find it disgusting that we even offer that type of surgery.

It should be called Lack of self discipline safety net.


Wanna know what the best health insurance is?


You start by eating healthy.

Make sure you hit your macro nutrients and your essential micronutrients.

I mean i don’t thoroughly enjoy blending up spinach and greens into blender 2 times a day but man I feel great after.


Make sure your hormones are in check.

Read my article here about things that are secretly lowering your testosterone.

and if need be…

Get your levels tested.


Get your but in the gym.

Follow a program proven to get results.

I am partial to my GQ Body program but really anything will work if you put in the work.


If you have a little weight to lose then you need to be doing regular bouts of cardio.

If you are carrying quite a bit of weight…

Then focus solely on cardio until you get down a significant amount of body fat then bring in the heavy lifting.

Need a good little program to follow for cardio check out my Walk Your Way Ripped.

That’s it folks.

Do those 3 things and you are your own health insurance.

You will never have to beg the government to help you lose weight.

So go out and make today your bitch.

Talk to you tomorrow,


Lift Heavy Daily?

What’s up,

How’s your day going?

You crushing this Thursday like a new Deadlift PR?

I thought so.

I got an interesting thought for ya today…

Ever thought about training everyday?

Now I am not talkin a different bodypart daily I am talking your whole body everyday.

Kinda makes you think?…

Well I read an interesting couple emails from my buddy Rusty Moore (creator of Visual Impact Muscle) and he was discussing how he is experimenting with lifting high weight/low volume everyday.

It kinda got me thinking a bit.

I mean honestly it makes sense.

Basically without all the scientific mumbo jumbo…

You lift well short of failure and build up what you could call a CNS tolerance.

In laymans terms…

Instead of worrying about overtraining and frying your CNS you just work up to a point were your nervous system can handle the lifting.

I really love the idea of this.

I mean as of now I have been doing My GQ Body Workout 2 days on 1 day off for the last few months.

My gains have been awesome.

So I am gonna test this theory out for a few weeks.

I will probably still keep my direct leg work to a minimum and keep my prowler pushing and walking incline cardio instead.

But as for my upper body…

I think I will try something like this…

1) Incline barbell workup to a max set of 3

2) Military Press Work up to max set of 3

3) Pull Ups weighted max set of 3

4a) pressdowns x 100
4b) curls x 100

For those I will just super set the 2 until reps are complete.

then finish off with prowler pushes and my Walk Your Way Ripped Cardio.

I am gonna see how this works and report back to you guys.

Feel free to mole something like this and let me know how it works out for you as well.

Talk Soon,


Fat Loss Hack No One Is Telling You About

fiberindexWhat’s up,

I got a question for ya…

When it comes to burning fat fat how often do you hear about the importance of Fiber?

My guess is not very often.

Yeah you hear about the benefits of fiber for its heart health benefits.

But when it comes to fat loss I swear it is this big huge secret.

Now I am not saying Fiber is some magic pill…

But damn if you up your fiber intake I can pretty much guarantee you will start losing fat.

I have written about this before:

==> The secret ingredient to fat loss

Truth is though…

I only talk from my experiences…

I visually see a difference in my physique if I slack on my fiber intake.

I am human :)

Sometimes I slack off…

But Fiber is one area I do my best to keep it up.

I urge you to give it a try.

Start adding inn more fiber.

Here is how I do it…

1) I put cinnamon and fiber powder in my protein shakes.

2) I eat black beans whenever possible

3) I regularly eat Fiber One 90 calorie brownies and fiber bars (I love these).

4) I eat Fiber one cereal (Not the best tasting but it has a purpose)

5) I add spinach and kale in my smoothies daily (no taste when you include in smoothie)

these sources allow me to hit my goal of 30-40 grams a day.

So take your Fiber intake seriously.

I thin it is just as important as Protein.

Talk Soon,


P.S. Make sure you read my article on Fiber