No Time To Lift Weights? Try This…

garage-home-gymWhat’s up,

I was reading my emails this morning and I ran across one that asked about what type of squat rack I would recommend for a small home gym…

This actually brought me back in time and I started thinking about when I used to lift in my parents garage.

Man that is what got all of this started for me.

You see at the time I was doing pretty well as a salesman in retail for Lowes Home Improvement.

But the downfall was I was working close to 55 hours a week.

At this time I was obsessed with lifting and I just couldn’t really find time to get to a good gym as much as I wanted…

So I started buying and building my own gym piece by piece.

It all started with a good pair of squat stands.

I saved up a bit and went all in on a pair of Iron Mind Vulcan Squat Stands.

They were awesome.

I then hit craigslist and found someone selling a bar and weights.

I used just that for awhile.

Then I started adding in free stuff.

I found a good used tractor tire that I started flipping.

I also used a sledge hammer to hit it for core.

I had so many different uses for that tire I really never had to buy anything else.

It was my own little sanctuary.

I would usually lift when I got off work around 10pm at night.

Then I would go out.

But truth is when working out at home you don’t need much equipment to get you started.

Just a few basic pieces of equipment…

and a good program.

As you know right now I lifting purely for aesthetics.

But what got me the foundation I have was a mixture of…

Strongman, Powerlifting, bodybuilding, and bodyweight.

I did all that.

In fact now you can grab an awesome program that ties all of those in together.

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Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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