averagebeer-bellyWhat’s up,

I was reading a little motivational article this morning…

And it fired me up to write this email to you.

You see being that this is the holidays I am sure at some point over the next few days you are going to spend time with family and friends.

And like clock work there is always going to be that one guy that asks you about your weight training.

Maybe you have seen or met him before. He may even be related to you.

He is about 50lbs overweight and usually when asking about your workouts he will be drinking a beer.

Then he will politely ask you for some advice on how to lose a few lbs off the old midsection.

You are then faced with a choice?…

Do you help him?

I mean lets be real here…

You know how much hard work he has to face to get a few lbs off the midsection.

And he most likely  he is a guy who will tell you he is too busy to workout.

So you know the advice will be falling on deaf ears.

But the choice is still there…

Do you help him?

Do you tell him that it may take him up to a year to lose that shit?

Do you tell him that he may be hungry all the time while dieting?

Do you tell him that while he would much rather be sleeping he needs to wake up and do cardio?

Do you tell him that there will be days when he is too sore to get out of bed?

I gotta be honest with you…

I always tell them how hard it is gonna be.

I don’t like to sugar coat things.

To me it weeds out the weak people in my life.

If he responds to your answers and still decides to go thru and start lifting weights…

Then just maybe he is the type of person you want in your life.

If he makes up another lame excuse about why he cant start weight training.

Then make sure you take all that in…

And make a mental note to yourself…


Always strive to better yourself.

The world does not need anymore average people.

Man up and make yourself awesome.

You can start with my GQ body program.

It made me awesome.

and I want to help you become awesome.

Enjoy your Christmas tomorrow.

I will be eating my face off and thinking how great it is to not be average.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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