My Top 3 Body Weight Exercises For Aesthetics

What’s up,

I wanted to hook you guys up with what I consider to be
the 3 best body weight exercises you can do if you are
interested in Aesthetics…

1) Hand Stand Holds

These things are awesome more making your shoulders
and triceps scream for mercy.

I like to do these in a time under tension type fashion to
really fatigue the shoulders and tri’s.

As you know wide shoulders and big arms are 2 key body
parts you need to develop to enhance that v-taper.

2) Dips

I really like to do these in a wide grip style and make sure
I go as deep as possible…

This ensures you really get a stretch in the pecs and this
will work on the width of your chest.

Once again this all helps make V-Taper appear more

3) Burpees

I had to include Burpees on this list due to the fact they are
by far the best conditioning exercise you can do with no

The cool thing is that the better you get at burpees the
lower your body fat will get.

This will thus enhance your physique and make you look

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