My Lowest Weigh In Yet…

What’s up,

I just woke up about an hour ago and did my morning ritual
of stepping on the scale and weighing myself.

You see I weigh  myself every morning and also record it
in my trusty spreadsheet.

I then add in all my macro ratios for the day prior.

I have been doing this now for roughly 7 weeks.

Today I weighed in at 205.4lbs.

That may not be anything for some of you but for me it
is the leanest I have been since I was 17 yrs old.

Pretty awesome.

Now I am only telling you guys this because I have also
never had more muscle on my frame as well.

I have been slowly but surely cutting off all the useless
fat of my body.

This has been one of the more challenging things I have ever

I am not stopping there though…

I want abs.

I have never had them….

So I wont stop till I get them.

But you may be thinking…

What is my diet?

Truth is I am not dieting.


It never actually feels like I am dieting…

I eat whatever I want…

When ever want.

I just stick to my macro nutrient levels religiously.

Every single day no matter what…

I eat…

60 grams of fat.
300 grams of carbs.
250 grams of protein.

Pretty crazy huh?

I mean I never knew you could lose fat eating 300 grams
of carbs.

I guess thats what paying a bunch of cash to a coach will
teach ya :).

My strength is also really high right now.

I strict military pressed 165 x 2 yesterday.

And last week I crushed an easy 455lb deadlift.

I am only telling you guys this because I have never seen
these types of results till I learned how to count macros.

Now you must know were to start for your body type.

But once you figure that out you are money.

Give it a try…

I promise the results are worth it.

Talk Soon,


P.S. If you want more info about how to properly count your
macros hit reply to this email and shoot me a message.

Ryan Magin

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  1. patti says:

    I sent a comment to you earlier tonight, using my work email of………problem with that, is I am on vacation next week, so if you happen to reply, you’re going to get an away message!! i’d just like some confirmation, that im using the right macro #’s…im 58 yo 5’6″ 180# I workout with a trainer 2 days/week for 1/2 hr a session, and do cardio 2-3 days per week for 1/2 hour, I am one that sits at a desk just about all day, I’ve come up for myself the following..(I still want to lose about 30 lbs) calories 1843 179g protein, 80 g fat 100 g carbs 38 fiber… does this compare to what you would come up with? again, thanks for the consideration of a reply!

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