Most Powerful Guys On Youtube…[Best Physique?]

I was scrolling thru Youtube researching a few different things
and found myself sucked into watching some videos of Bulgarian

I was baffled at the muscular density these guys have developed.

I want to add that these guys are elite level athletes.

They have devoted their lives to training for the Olympic Games.

Now I am not saying that a physique like this is unattainable for regular

It’s just that most people do not have 4 hours a they can dedicate
to their lifting.


We can dissect the routines of these guys follow and see how they
have achieved such a hardened muscular physique and high levels
of strength.

1) They focus there attention on compound exercises.

2) They train in the 2-5 rep ranges to build strength.

Now this may or may not be new advice to you.

But I want to ingrain in your heads how beneficial it is to train
heavy in the 2 to 5 rep range.

By focusing on lifts such as…

— Benchpress
— Squat
— Deadlift

You will be maximizing your training economy and getting the
biggest bang for your buck.

These exercises work your entire body with every single rep.

Now although these exercises hit a lot of muscle with each rep
it is unlikely you will develop a jaw dropping physique only focusing
on these 3 lifts.

I will be covering more about how to balance out your physique
in a day or so…

But for now…

I want you to start focusing on upping your strength in these 3
lifts so you can pack on that powerful dense muscle.

It is as simple as starting your lifting session with a simple plan
of attack.

Map out how much weight you lifted last week and aim for a little

This could be 1 more rep.

Or 5lbs…

Either way you are focusing on progression.

Get Stronger,


P.s. Tomorrow I will be sending you a few other tips on how to
get the most out of the Bench Squat, And Deadlifts.

Ryan Magin

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