Man Up.

Man-Up-whydontchaWhat’s up,

Man yesterday was awesome…

So many of you guys replied back to me and shared your goals and problems you were having.

I think I replied to over 150 emails throughout the day yesterday.

So if I missed yours…

I apoligize.

But either I got some good insights into how I can further help you in your journey to become awesome.

I mean thats what this is all about right…

Being Awesome :).

Either way.

One question kept recurring that quite frankly got me a little fired up.

that question was…

“Ryan, I need a quick workout because quite frankly I don’t have the time to get to gym.”

I literally got that question many times in a few different ways.

So its time for some tough love.


This journey isn’t an easy one.

Everyone in one way shape or another is busy.

So it is up to the individual to man up and make their workouts happen.

You gotta want this.

Now yes somedays you just cant make it into the gym.

Life will get in the way.

But this is a life long process.

You gotta do whatever you can to make sure you are always improving yourself.

So there really is no excuses.

Got 5 kids?…

You better start doing pushups and pullups all day everyday throughout the day.

Work the night shift?…

wake up earlier or stay up later.

I can go all day with this..

But if you really want to change yourself then you will find the time.

So just like the old Nike Ads used to say…

“Just Do it”

If you need a program to follow?

==> Watch this video (I really like it)

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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