Low Fat Diets Suck And I Am Wrong?

BaconWhat’s up,

So it seems as though I have ruffled a few feathers in regards to my latest

==> The Truth About Low Fat Diets

I had a rather angry email hit my inbox last night from a gentlemen telling me I was all wrong and I should stop spreading such nonsense.

He also then went on to tell me my Macro Nutrient Ratio I follow infuriates him. I am just eating way too many carbs and I am eating too low fat.

He also added that carbs are the #1 reason for heart disease in America.

Well I appreciate the feedback, I actually do read my email :).

But I wanted to clear a few things up about this guys concerns.

1) Low Fat Diets Suck And You Are Wrong

There are tons of lies out on the internet and being preached about High Fat diets and raising testosterone.

Truth is a high fat diet does raise testosterone…

But what it doesn’t do is lower Estrogen. That is why I prefer a low fat diet.

In most cases you would see a more significant ratio testosterone to estrogen ratio by lowering fats as opposed
to raising them.

Truth is though everyone is different and only you can test it on yourself to see the results.

I also want to add…

If you are not tracking your calories/macros then you actually have no idea what you are consuming.

So if you want to do an experiment, start recording what you eat for the next 7 days.

2) My Carbs are too high at 300 grams.

This is another very ignorant statement.

First off, I am tracking any and all food that i put into my mouth. I know the exact daily intake of carbs, protein, and fat I have consumed for the last 4 months. Can you say that?

I know how my body responds too food.

Now to teach you something :).

When you first start out on any type of diet you must first know your TDEE.

(TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure)

This is a fancy name for calories burned.

If your goal is fat loss you need to be eating in a caloric deficit around 15% less then your TDEE.

You must also factor in your activity levels to get an accurate TDEE.

So myself for example…

I weight train 4 days a week, as well as ride a fixed gear road bike 100 or so miles a week.

My TDEE is around 3,000 calories – 15% for fat loss = 2450.

So here is were it gets fun.

I can now consume whatever foods I want as long as I hit that daily caloric #.

I can play with my carbs, protein, and fat ratio as long as it hits that #.

I just know my body a little bit and I respond to a diet that consist of 25% fats, 35% carbs, and 40% protein.

I also eat 40 grams of fiber daily (read about the importance of fiber)

So for him to say my carb count is “Ridiculously High” was a very ignorant statement.

Either way I hope you are learning a little bit from what I am talking about :).

3) Carbs cause heart disease.

Now I am not a doctor…

But i believe ignorance is responsible for heart disease.

Now when it comes to our lives, I only worry about what I can control.

The one thing I know for a fact I can control is exercise and diet.

By eating what my body properly needs as per my macros and weight training regularly…

I am doing my part in saving myself from things like heart disease, low testosterone, depression, low libido, excess weight gain, etc..

These are just my thoughts ….

I hope you enjoyed them.

Talk Soon,


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  1. What are your thoughts on the whole insulin/gluten arguments?

    Do you agree that carbs increase insulin and puts the body in a fat storage mode since the carbs are easier for it to burn for energy? I’m just learning this stuff so asking seriously.

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