[Lifting Routine] The Same Workout Daily

What’s up,

How was your weekend?

I hope it was awesome.

I got in a killer saturday afternoon workout and it was a great cap off to an awesome training week.

I have been changing things up as of late and Like I mentioned last week I am actually doing the same routine up to 6 times a week.

I have been tracking my workouts via my notepad in my phone.

And I figured I would show you what I did last week.

Here is the day to day breakdown:

Mon 2-17

Incline press worked up to 195 3 x 3
Military worked up to 145 5 x 3
Weighted pull-ups +10lbs 5 x 3
Press downs 60
Curls 60


Incline Cardio 220 calories

Tues 2-18

Military 155 4 x 3
Incline 185 5 x 3
Weighted pull-ups +10 5 x 3
Press downs 50
Curls 50

Incline Cardio 220 calories

Wednesday 2-19

Incline bench worked up to 185 3 x 3
Military 135 3 X 3
Pull-ups bodyweight x 3 x 5
Press downs x 40
Curls x 30


(Felt rundown) <== this passed after taking a day off

Thursday 2-20

Incline Cardio 400 calories

Saturday 2-22

Incline bench worked up 215 x 2
Pull ups bodyweight 5 x 5
Press downs x 100
Curls x 100
Reardelts 100 reps

Incline Cardio 100 calories

As you can see I kept the weights pretty tame and actually felt really solid on Saturdays workout and hit 215lbs for 2 reps.

The workout is a hybrid of My Own GQ Body Workout and Rusty Moores Visual Impact Muscle Building.

As for Cardio…

I am doing my Walk Your Way Ripped program and just basing it off of a weekly total calorie deficit. this week

As you can see this week I did 940 total calories burned.

I am gonna keep going with this type of lifting and cardio for the next few weeks.

I am noticeably bigger in the key areas I am going for.

I have gotten lots of good comments from people about how I look.

Feel free to steal this program and use it for your own.

I know it is a little unorthodox but I can assure you it works.

Have a kickass Monday.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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