Lift Heavy Daily?

What’s up,

How’s your day going?

You crushing this Thursday like a new Deadlift PR?

I thought so.

I got an interesting thought for ya today…

Ever thought about training everyday?

Now I am not talkin a different bodypart daily I am talking your whole body everyday.

Kinda makes you think?…

Well I read an interesting couple emails from my buddy Rusty Moore (creator of Visual Impact Muscle) and he was discussing how he is experimenting with lifting high weight/low volume everyday.

It kinda got me thinking a bit.

I mean honestly it makes sense.

Basically without all the scientific mumbo jumbo…

You lift well short of failure and build up what you could call a CNS tolerance.

In laymans terms…

Instead of worrying about overtraining and frying your CNS you just work up to a point were your nervous system can handle the lifting.

I really love the idea of this.

I mean as of now I have been doing My GQ Body Workout 2 days on 1 day off for the last few months.

My gains have been awesome.

So I am gonna test this theory out for a few weeks.

I will probably still keep my direct leg work to a minimum and keep my prowler pushing and walking incline cardio instead.

But as for my upper body…

I think I will try something like this…

1) Incline barbell workup to a max set of 3

2) Military Press Work up to max set of 3

3) Pull Ups weighted max set of 3

4a) pressdowns x 100
4b) curls x 100

For those I will just super set the 2 until reps are complete.

then finish off with prowler pushes and my Walk Your Way Ripped Cardio.

I am gonna see how this works and report back to you guys.

Feel free to mole something like this and let me know how it works out for you as well.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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