Life Lessons From The Movie “42”

42imagesWhat’s up,

I was watching an awesome movie last night…

It was called “42” The Jackie Robinson Story.

Without giving up the whole movie to those that haven’t
seen it yet…

I highly recommend you give it a watch. It is really good.

I am a sucker for any motivational type movie that
shows people overcoming diversity.

In the movie Jackie Robinson shows incredible restraint
as he is tormented about the color of his skin.

He chose to remain the stronger person by not engaging
in violence…

He just proceeded to be a badass baseball player.

I feel all of us can relate this to our own life…

I am sure you have a few haters that want to always try to
bring you down…

Whether it be…

Getting 6 pack abs for the first time.

Building a business that allows you time and freedom.

Deciding to become a more confident person.

The list is endless.

Usually if you state your goals to the world…

Quite a few people will be there to tell you that it is impossible.

I urge you to show them whats up buy succeeding in whatever
your goal is.

After all…

No one will argue with results.

Do epic shit,


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