Keep Your Options Open

What’s up,

I spent this past sunday training most of the day…

You see being that I am friends with Elliott Hulse
I get the side benefit to meet and hang out with all
the people who want to train at his gym Strength

This past weekend I got to lift and hang out with
the Barstarzz…

If you haven’t heard of them just type there name into

In a nutshell they are serious at there training for Bodyweight

They do some crazy stuff when it comes to the pull-up bar
as well as handstands…

I mean at one point of the day were doing handstands
off of a chain we were holding in a tug of war fashion.

It was nuts…

Then they put us thru an awesome pull-up workout
that involved lots of negatives in a ladder type of way.

It was brutal…

My lats and Biceps are super sore today.

This made me realize how awesome bodyweight training
can be in addition to a good strength training program.

I personally don’t think i would ever want to train using
strictly bodyweight exercises…

I just love the barbell too much :).

But if I did want to only use bodyweight as my training

==> I highly recommend this one

Either way…

Keep your options open when it comes to experimenting
with different types of training styles…

Try them all.

See what works for you.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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