Just Show Up

What’s up,

One of the downfalls I see many people make when it
comes to achieving a goal…

Whether it be..

Losing weight…

Building muscle…

Starting a bizness…

Approaching attractive girls

Most people tend to quit and get discouraged quickly after they

Look, all the things I listed above take time to get the results
you want.

You will not be a muscular behemoth after 1 week in the gym.

You will not lose 40lbs of fat 1 week into the gym.

You will not meet a future girlfriend by only talking to one female.

You will not have an ultra successful bizness 1 week after starting.

You have dedicate yourself and become consistent.

Consistency is the key to success in any endeavor.

To quote the actor Woody Allen – “80% of success is just showing up”…

Those words are powerful.

A crappy workout program when done over a long period of time
will always bring more results then a perfect one done every once in

I hope you can take this advice and apply it to more then just training.

It has a huge carry over to many aspects of your life.

Just start showing up.

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