Just Do It Everyday…

What’s up,

I wanted to share an awesome quote I have adopted in anything I want to get better at.

“If it’s important, do it everyday.”

I first learned of this method from legendary lifting coach Dan Gable and it has helped me in all aspects of my life…

I mean it is so simple yet it can yield such positive results.

Here are a few things I have used the do it everyday approach to get better at.

1) Cardio

I hated cardio but after adopting the do it after every workout approach I quickly saw body fat shedding off and got way more compliments then I have ever received.

Daily cardio is a huge staple in the GQ Body Approach. It flat out just works.

2) To bring up lagging body parts

I have always lacked mass in my upper back and trap area…

Since starting every workout with 100 band pull aparts I now have an upper back :).

I have since adopted this approach with my triceps and I have been finishing every workout with 100 tricep pressdowns.

I go over a lot about bringing up lagging body parts in my new program the GQ Body.

3) Getting better at talking to women/networking

A few years back I was always a little shy when it came to talking to girls and thriving at networking type events.

I studied up on all kinds of products to get better at talking to women (this is one I highly recommend) But still wasn’t seeing results.

Once I started making a daily habit of sparking up at least on random conversation with a stranger I saw a rapid improvement in both my dating life and business contacts.

4) Writing to you

I know that practice makes perfect and without a doubt when I started writing you an email everyday I saw vast improvement in all of my ventures that included my words.

So don’t be afraid…

If you know you need to get better at something…

Then man up and start doing it everyday.

Like everything I write to you.

It just freaking works.

Just put in the work.

And reap the rewards.

Talk Soon,


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