It’s More Then Just Lifting Weights…

It’s more then just lifting weights…

That is just a belief I have when it comes to training and striving to
better my physique.

Truth is for me the better shape I am in the better things are in all
aspects of my life.

When I look jacked my mood is better…

When I feel Jacked my productivity is thru the roof…

I can list tons of other ways lifting improves my life but truth
is nothing is more satisfying to me then deadlifting.

I don’t care what goes on in my day the second I get the gym
and start stacking on the 45’s things just get better.

I love chalking up the hands…

Squeezing the bar…

And ripping an absurd amount of weight of the floor.

The Deadlift is like therapy.

The more weight I lift I feel like I can conquer anything life throws
at me.

So I ask you this…

Are you treating the Deadlift with this type of intensity?

My guess is you are ;)…

And you love the side effects that come with a bigger Deadlift.

I mean heck.

Who doesn’t like adding on a few lbs of dense muscle.

So naturally if your anything like me you will stop at nothing to
improve your lifting.

That is why a book like Deadlift Dynamite is so freaking awesome.

It is by far the best training available on how to build huge amounts
of muscle with the Deadlift.

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