It’s Always There

What’s up,

I got a good bit of responses the other day when I told you about what it was like to watch a 900lb deadlift…

If you missed the post u can read it ==> here

Truth is just like I thought…

All of the stroies you guys shared with me were not about lifting at all.

Everything came down to how by finding the barbell it helped you through a significant difficult time in your life.

Myself included.

This is why I love training so much.

Honestly the type of training you do doesn’t matter.

We all share the common goal of striving everyday to better ourselves.

That is what this is about.

The good thing is the side benefits that come along with dedicated years of lifting weights..

You start to look really good.

You get really strong.

Your self confidence Goes thru the roof.

You sleep better.

You have much higher testosterone then most people.

You have tons of energy.

And just an overall feeling of awesomeness.

So no matter what…

When things get down or life gets hard.

Never skip the gym.

It is always there.

Have a kick ass day.

Enjoy this quote by Henry Rollins…

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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