It Takes Hard Work <== The Secret No One Is Telling You

What’s up,

It never fails…

Since I started making youtube vids and making my muscle
building exploits available to the general public…

A few things have happened.

1) I get to share awesome stuff with you everyday via these
emails and my youtube channel.

2) Whenever I go out my friends always ask me about the
latest and greatest new special diet guaranteed to make
them ripped or shredded.

It is even worse when I hang out with my girlfriend and her

It seems there is always some crazy juice cleanse they are
wanting to try.

My answer is usually the same to both groups of people…

To lose weight and look good you need to put in the work.

For a lot of people that work may be really hard and take a
long time.

I myself have always had to really bust my ass for all of my

So I am no stranger to hard work.

In fact I look forward to the challenge.

Unfortunetly this rant gets met with a variety of excuses.

When I mention squats and deadlifts to gain size and strength
most people tell me this…


Man I have a bad knee…

I then ask…

“Did you injure your knee?”

some say yes and have a valid concern.

But for most folks their answer is…

“Nah it just hurts all the time.”

I truly feel bad for these folks.

They cant even experience the muscle building and strength
benefits of squatting because their knee is in pain all the time.

Up until recently my answer would have been this…

Man that sux, you should just man up and start putting in the

But if you really got something going on with your knee and
that isn’t just a lame way of saying…

“I don’t want to work hard..”

Then check out Rick Kaselj’s Fix My Knee Pain.

It will get you back on the path to getting jacked.

Because without the ability to do squats or deadliest…

I can not guarantee you will ever get the physique you want.

So get your knees in check and put in the work.

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Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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