Intensity And Consistency

What’s up,

I was doing my morning cardio today and like most
days there is usually some type of entertainment
happening in my apartment gym.

By entertainment I am referring to a really poorly
thought out muscle building program.

Today was a middle aged man air humping the lat
pulldown machine and then super setting that leg

Now I have heard of some different splits but the back
legs one is a little odd but hey if he gets results more
power to him.

Truth is though…

If you work out with intensity and consistency that is
were the gains are made.

Now don’t get me wrong…

I believe it is imperative to have a well thought out program
to follow.

Think about it…

If all you have to do is show up and work your ass off…

You can bet you will make gains.

So if your spinning your wheels about what program to
follow or what exercises to do…

==> Grab A Proven Muscle Building System

Follow it…

And focus on just busting your ass in the gym :).

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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