If It Fits Your Macros – IIFYM Explained

What’s up,

I have been extremely immersed into research the last week
or so learning about a pretty interesting diet protocol.

It is called If It Fits Your Macros…

Or IIFYM for short.

The basic rundown of it is you can pretty get your calories
from whatever foods you want as long as you hit your daily
macro nutrient goals.

The tricky part is actually figuring out your daily macro nutrient

You must take everything into account.

How active you are in your day to day life…

How much lifting you do…

How much card you do…

How active is your Job…

All things things weigh heavily on the amount of calories you burn
every day.

The concept of IIFYM has taken the natural bodybuilding and youtube
world by storm.

It seems everyone has an opinion on it.

Personally I love trying out new stuff so I will be giving IIFYM a try
for a few weeks.

This type of diet will early force me to track my day to day food intake
which is something I have always lacked.

So if anything I will instill an awesome new habit.

Hit me up on here with a reply if you guys have any experience with
following a macro nutrient based diet…

I would love to here your feedback..

Talk Soon,


P.S. On the subject of body building make sure you grab a copy of
Ben Pakulski’s Mass Intentions 40 for the huge discount.

Ryan Magin

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