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crowd surfing fail (1)What’s up,

I trust you had a pretty awesome weekend and got you Monday off to a solid start.

I spent the weekend up in New Smyrna Beach hanging at a beach house.

I had a blast…

I spent Saturday doing some pretty active stuff along having a few adult beverages.

Saturday morning a went for a cruise down the beach on my buddies longboard.

It was really awesome.

The afternoon was filled with trying my best to stand up on a surf

Needless to say the surfing wasn’t exactly my forte but man I had fun.

As I type this though I am a new kind of sore.

You know that type of sore you get when you try a workout for the first time ever.

Yeah that about sums up how I feel.

So out of curiosity I typed in surfer workout into Google.

I kinda want to see how these guys workout to be able to surf for hours.

(Over and above just the act of surfing)

What I found was kinda shocking.

It seems that there re a lot of idiots writing workouts for surfers.

I mean I saw a video of a guy doing cable crossovers while standing on a balance board.

Now I am all about functional training.

I get that the balance board is like the actual act of surfing.

But come on.

Me thinks most surfers would benefit a lot more from 1 or 2 legit strength training workouts per week with a focus on bodyweight.

If I were to take up the sport of surfing I would make sure I was very proficient with my own body weight.

This would include lots of pushups.

And get really strong when it came to my pull-ups.

I mean the act of paddling is pretty much all back.

As for my legs…

I would def squat and deadlift and then work on my explosive power with simple jumps and lunges.

This would be a pretty killer all around workout to work into a surfers actual week of “SURFING”

Lets not forget the best way to get good at a sport is to actually do the sport :).

This is just my opinion as I was pretty shocked with what I saw when I started seeing what type of info is there when you Google surfing workout.

Talk Soon,


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