I Had To Read This…

15-sex-tips-main-1What’s up,

I went out last night to see the new JAckass movie Bad Grampa…

It was hilarious.

It was purely for mindless entertainment but man It had me cracking up.

Today though I am paying for it.

My energy is low and it was really tough to get an email out to you guys.

But like my workouts…

Sometimes the power is just showing up.

Not all your workout are gonna be good.

In fact most of them will suck.

But its the constant effort of showing up that brings the results.

(Side note: I haven’t had solid food in 20 hours as I write this. I am trying something new that was recommended to me by Rusty Moore to get down to shredded status.)

So to fire up my inspiration today I just went to Mens Fitness dot com.

I usually find some horribly bad information there that I can inject my opinion on :).

And sure enough…

On the front page…

I see this glaring headline…

“Sex Tips From Real Women.”

Naturally I had to open it.

I mean what if all the advice I have gotten in the past was from Fake Women?

I kid I kid.

Truth be told the article was pretty good.

Most of the advice was spot on.

But all of it would be useless if you were a guy who had no confidence and couldn’t attract a female.

The act of even using some of the things Mens Fitness suggested would not be possible.

So when it comes to things like this everything centers from YOU.

I always reference the importance of working on yourself and building confidence.

It is by far the key to getting whatever you want out of life.

Here is some further reading about building confidence.

==> Self Confidence and your testosterone

==> Sex and your testosterone

==> Life after breakup

==> What your body is saying about you

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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