I cried At 50 Reps

What’s Up,

A few years back I made a trip out to the Arnold Classic in
Columbus Ohio.

It was awesome.

There is nothing like the energy of being in a room full of
that many athletes and people motivated by fitness.

I had a blast checking out all the booths and trying out
all the fitness contests going on.

They had:

I curling competition…
A Grip Competition…

And my Favorite…

The Ultimate Pushup competition.

What is a Ultimate pushup you might ask?

Picture your feet suspended from straps in the basic
pushup position…

Then bring your knees into your chest…

Push your knees back out straight…

And do a pushup.

These things although may seem simple in
this email are actually pretty brutal.

They busted me up.

I remember getting to rep 30 and my core was on fire.

By the time I hit 50 I am pretty sure I was crying…

I died out around 70 reps but that was good enough to
have the record for the day only to be taken down a few
minutes later : (.

Either way though…

I had a new found respect for what was currently at the time
a unknown form of training.

It was called Suspension Training and The Guys over at
TRX have taken it mainstream and now it is popular all
over the place.

Cool thing is you can do this type of thing anywhere
that you can hang the straps from.

Honestly though…

I have never seen anyone actually make a worthwhile
workout using them.


I checked out fellow Tampa native Dan Long’s Kill Mode

He is a beast with suspension training routines and just
released a course that has his best routines included…

So if you like the idea of using TRX straps….

Or your gym has some U can use…

==> Check out Suspension Revolution

It is on sale until tonight at midnight for 1/2 price.

I just want to be clear though…

If you don’t own suspension straps or you gym doesn’t
have them this is probably not  the program for you :).

==> Check out Suspension Revolution

I am off to the Zach Brown Band concert right now for
a little tailgating and adult beverages with my girlfriend
and good buddy Elliott Hulse.

I will talk to you later,


Ryan Magin

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