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hulk3256999-4762864562-hulk_What’s up,

I had an email come in late last night that I felt compelled to write this to you.

Now I am not gonna mention who wrote it but I want to let him know I am writing this out of pure love.

He stated he is seeing really good improvements with his workouts and his diet is good…

But he still has a bigger stomach.

He then asked if this is due to his age of 41 o the fact that he just has big internal organs?

Well first off…

You are not some genetic freak with Hulk like internal organs.

The problem is most definitely your diet.

Now I don’t know how dedicated you actually are.

Truth is most people lie about being dedicated.

Hell I did for a long time.

That is why I know the frustration you must be feeling.

I am gonna be honest.

To really get to low levels of bodyfat you really need to bust your ass.

It takes a lot of work.

It is not easy.

Your mind and body will play tons of mind games with you.

One day you will look awesome…

Another you will not.

I still deal with this and I am almost at 190lbs (Down from 240).

Your age and hormones may be playing a factor.

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To get your hormones in check.

Beyond that you really need to get diligent with counting your calories and sticking to your diet.

It is all about calories in vs calories out.

Thats it.

No slick marketing behind.

Eat less then you burn and you will lose fat.

It dent matter what type of diet you follow.

It helps if you pick one and stick to it.

If you need a new plan…

I really trust a guy named Nate Miyaki.

He writes for one of my favorite sites T-Nation and just released a new diet.

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I trust those that get results.

Nate has written for t-nation for years and I trust his stuff.

So check it out if you want.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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