How To Radiate Awesomeness

lincoln_awesomeWhat’s up,

After hitting the gym last Saturday I took a trip to the mall.

I wanted to get a new shirt to wear as I was going to a new bar that a friend of mine opened.

Usually this is a pain because of 2 things…

1) I am super picky about what I like and it usually takes me awhile to find something.

2) Most shirts I buy I need to get tailored. (This means I am not wearing that night)

So hit up a few of my usual spots.

Macy’s, H&M, Dillards…

Nothing was getting me excited.

Everything shirt I tried on made me look terrible.

So I keep searching…

I walked into Express.

They were having a big sale.

I mean who doesn’t like saving some money.

So right on top was a killer looking red and black checkered pattern button up.

They had it in Extra Slim Fit (Express shirts are actually slim and often don’t need tailoring)…

So I tried it on in a large.


Perfect fit.

No tailoring needed.

I was pumped.

I don’t have to pay extra to get it tailored.

And I now fit into a Large extra slim fit and look awesome.

Looks like the GQ Body program is still not failing me :).

==> Grab your copy of GQ Body here if you want to look awesome

Either way..

I wore the shirt out with my navy sport coat and boots.

2 things I believe every man should have in their closet.

I got lots of compliments on the outfit.

And of course my confidence was thru the roof.


I was feeling awesome.

This is the type of thing dressing well will do for you when you go out.

Think about it for a second.

If you feel good…

You radiate positive energy.

Women will be more attracted to you that way I promise.

==> Just make sure you know how to talk to them

So I encourage you to do your best to look awesome.

Work on your GQ body.

Get clothes that look and fit well.

Know how to approach women.

And your unstoppable.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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