[Guest Post] How To Increase Your Relative Strength

By: Chandler Marchman (Bench For Reps creator)

Many of us fellow lifters are well aware of the 1 Rep Max Bench Press test and are quite fond of it. But there is another often overlooked test that might be even more telling of a man’s well roundedness and “true” strength.

It’s the Bodyweight Bench Rep Test. And when you take into account the litany of different benefits you will receive when shooting for more reps in it, you’ll most certainly want to focus in on making it a cornerstone of your current program! As for those benefits that this program will provide, lets examine the top 4…

More Efficient Form: Form you will learn is the most efficient way to increase the productivity and progress in your bench press. With better form you will not only increase the amount of weight you can press for a max, but will conserve more energy which will yield more reps for this test.

Increased 1 Rep Max: It’s not just the form that will increase your 1 Rep Max, but when you focus on trying to improve your Rep Test performance, you will have to focus on increasing your Maximal Strength as well as your endurance. When using a program like this, the periodization will address your max without you even prioritizing it as a goal. Nice little perk!

Increased Musculature: Again, when you focus on improving on this test you have one ultimate goal that is fueled by improving both maximal strength and muscular endurance. The bodies response to you focusing on these two aspects of fitness makes for an extremely anabolic atmosphere in your body. Increased Testosterone from heavy lifting in conjunction with deep muscle fiber stimulation from muscular endurance focused work will yield VERY fast lean muscle growth.

Decreased Body Fat Levels: When we are working on muscular endurance and maximal strength like I discussed above, you won’t only help promote the secretion of muscle building hormones, but fat burning hormones as well. So you’ll develop not just tremendous strength, size and stamina, but you will build a body that will look as good as it performs!

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  1. Dreasan says:

    I need a training partner badly. I believe I had more than ten training partners over the years and I’m not a big guy at all, except my routines are killers! I had to buy my last training partner a membership, buy supps and protein for him because he was quite the Newbie. When he got a job for the discrict cable company he didn’t bother to renew the membership. “I’m too busy these days using this excuse and his wife wanted him to stay at home at night. He’s improving himself and she wants him stay home at night! WTF? I’m his damn uncle! She doesn’t like me and I don’t like her. She’s a controlling bitch. As of now I can only set certain goals. I don’t like to be spotted or have someone help me with reps. I guess, I’ll end up paying someone else to be my training partner, unless I find a training genie.

  2. Frederik says:

    Good training tips!!

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