How To Get Shredded In 1 Week

What’s up,

I wanna touch today on a subject that I find very

Extreme levels of leanness.

You know the kind of lean that you see grace the covers
of muscle and fitness…

Or the lean that Hollywood actors portray in certain
movie scenes…

Truth is they don’t look like this all the time.

The people that achieve this type of leanness get in just
good enough shape that 1 weeks of strategic training and
dieting will have them shredded.

I love this type of stuff as it can apply to the regular
folks like us as well.

I am obviously not starring in the next Hollywood

But I do like to be leaner then all my friends for certain

Things like…

Beach vacations.


Bachelor Parties.

Memorial day weekend.

Pool parties.

And any other event I want to looked Jacked and shredded

It is pretty straight forward how to achieve rapid leanness
when you understand how to manipulate muscle glycogen.

Side note: Glycogen is the principal stored form of carbohydrate
energy (glucose), which is reserved in muscles. When your muscles
are full of glycogen, they look and feel full.

The key to being successful at rapid leanness you must
severely limit your carbs for a set # of days and the have a
carb refeed to make your muscles look full.

By having a refeed you are causing the muscle to soak up
the carbs and tightening up the skin…

If you have a low enough body fat when you start this I
can assure you that you will love the look you achieve.

There are a lot of variables that come into play when setting
out on this type of endeavor.

How you train is a biggie as well…

I learned a ton about this in Stage #4 of Clint Nielson’s Reveal
The Steel program.

Not only do you learn how to achieve rapid leanness he also
has solid 17 week program to get you looking awesome.

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P.s. tomorrow I will be talking to how to use Reverse Pyramid
Training to gain muscle and shed off excess fat.

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