How To Be The Coolest Guy Ever (Seriously Do this Stuff)

What’s up,

This past weekend was a pretty cool and humbling appearance.

I always enjoy being able to attend and hangout at my good friend Elliott Hulse’s strength workshops.

The ability to meet such cool people and interact with others striving to better themselves is just pure awesome.

This weekend though was even more humbling…

I actually met a couple of you guys who read my emails.

This is huge.

I send these emails and never really know who I am reaching and how you are effected by my words.

Just know that I appreciate you and love the fact that you take the time to listen to me from your inbox.

Either way enough with the mushy stuff…lol

Lets talk about some stuff you can do today that will make you be the coolest guy in the room.

No Matter were you go…

You may be surprised…

Fitness and training are just a small part of your overall image but here are what I feel are the most important.


Why should you even care about being the coolest guy in the room?

Everyone likes the cool guy.

The cool guy has all the women saying hello and hanging around them.

the cool guy has usually has the biggest network and loyal friends.

So if this isn’t reason enough to want to strive to work on your image I don’t know what is…

So here are 3 things you need to start doing today to work on your image..

1) Get A hair cut.

Yup you read that correct.

I was resistant to this for a log time. As guys most of us are defined by our haircut. If you are still rocking a similar haircut as you were in high school…

Its time to grow the hell up.

I recommend you go to a salon and spend a little more on this then the local barber.

I usually spend around 30 bux for a haircut and go religiously every 3 weeks.

The reason u should fins a salon to go to is this…

Hairstylist are some of the most creative and expressive people you will ever meet.

Their job is beauty and first impressions.

So trust their suggestions and actually talk to them and explain what you want. I really like to bring pictures and explain the look I am going for.

Then just let them work.

Just remember all day long they deal with people who want boring haircuts.

Tell them you are different and want them to have fun with your hair.

I promise the look you get will be awesome.

Ryan Gosling Cool 2) Dress 1 level above the environment you are in

No this may sound Elitist but it is the most transformative thing you can do to boost your confidence.

Men as a whole dress really freaking bad.

It does not take much to appear like you actually give a shit about your appearance.

This goes a long way when it comes to getting respect from people and will make it 100 times easier to approach women.

(Side note: yes Ryan Gosling is a cool freaking dude)

Everything is first impressions.

Women will look at you and first thing they see is your haircut.

Next up is how you are dressed.

These are the facts man.

Get your dressing on point and you will have a shit ton of success in this area.

What do I mean by 1 level above?

If you are going to chill bar were everyone is gong to wear a t-shirt…

You dress up a bit and throw on a tailored button up and were some dressier shoes.

If you are going to a club were people will be in dress shirts…

You throw on a jacket and maybe a tie…

This is just basic advice…

I am obsessed with mens fashion and could literally write all day about this stuff.

The act of dressing well says so much about you as a person it is ridiculous.

If you even know a little about mens fashion you are in a class 90% above the rest of society.

I don’t know about you but my goal is to be the strongiest version of myself.

Myself just loves the fact I can easily out dress everyone in the room.

==> Click here to learn how to attract women by how you dress <==

3) Do whatever you can to get in really good shape.

I know this is not a quick thing..

I mean heck I have spent the last year of my life trying to see my abs. This is a level of dedication most men do not have.

By getting in really good shape you are showing the world…

Yes I can set my mind to something and accomplish the goal.

Yes I care about how I look…

Yes I am a cool guy and you should know me.

Honestly it doesn’t matter what program you choose to get lean.

I wrote about everything I did here ==> My transformation

Feel free to copy it…

It clearly works.

Don’t get hung up on the details though.

Just start getting dedicated and change yourself.

The results are life changing.

Talk Soon,


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Ryan Magin

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  1. Joe K says:


    Couldn’t have said it better. Here in Pittsburgh, the men dress in jerseys, boots and call it “swag”…quite frankly its a hot mess. I enjoyed this entry and look forward in hearing from ya.

    Thanks again for the thoughts and advice,


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