How Not To Look Soft And Spongy

What’s up,
I wanted to tell you guys a cool little tip that has really helped
me get rid of excess bloating and an overall soft look.

You see I have come to discover my body type is highly sensitive
to Carbohydrates.

Even if I am only eating good carbs like brown rice and sweet
potatoes I just don’t lose fat if they are eaten at night.

I have been experimenting with cutting my carbs of for the day
before 6pm and before 4pm and the later of the 2 seems to work
out the best.

It is cool to me to see the little changes you can make to your
body with something as simple as cutting off your carbs 2 hours

Just remember not everyone is the same, that is why I preach
experimenting on yourself and find out what works best.

These types of experiments can be done on anything from
your workouts, to your sleep schedule, and to your supplements.

I just recommend you only tweak one thing at a time so you
can asses the results without to many variables.

Hope this tip help you…

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Ryan Magin

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