How Not To Look Big, Bloated, And Puffy

bulging_bodybuilder_by_planetbellyWhat’s up,

I just got back from my local tailor shop I was having some of my shirts fitted…

I have talked about this before…

If you can afford it take your shirts to a tailor and let her go to work making your shirts fit your physique (this costs roughly 10 bux).

It is by far the best thing you can do instantly to look more muscular.

This has an added bonus of making you feel much more confident as well.

(Here is an article I wrote on ==> Confidence and your testosterone)

Either way my most recent stint of training had me feeling pretty big and puffy.

I was doing a lot of higher rep stuff 5 sets of 10 etc.

For the last week I have shifted to strictly following Visual Impact Phase 3.

I am still lifting heavy.

Just avoiding the pump.

I am also adding in 10 minutes of high intensity cardio and then 10 minutes of long slow card at the end of each training session.

In 1 week of doing this I have lost 10lbs.

My clothes fit really good.

And I feel much more energetic.

Now this type of lifting takes a little getting used to mentally. But it is an awesome way to train.

So if you have been bodybuilding for quite some time then I urge you to give Visual Impact Phase 3 a try.

Talk Soon,


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