High Volume Or Low Reps?

What’s up,

Yesterday I touched on the importance of focusing your efforts on
the big 3 lifts…

Well a few people emailed a couple questions talking about
how to program them for proper increases in strength…

Truth is the answer is different for everyone.

I have found after reading and studying lifting routines of top powerlifters
each and everyone one of their routines are different.


They all shared a few similarities when it came to the accessory
lifts they use to bring up the main lift.

Main lifts being Bench, Squat, And Dead.

To increase their bench they all focused a lot of work on the upperback
and triceps.

For the Dead and Squat they spent time on the lower back, and

But I also found a big similarity in the fact they all relied on high rep
training for these accessory lifts.

So in essence they focused mainly on strength for the core lifts…

Then High volume training for the accessories.

But the thought that these guys put into the percentages and training
cycles on the main lifts is almost as confusing as reading a astrophysics

(I have a cool resource to help you figure out these types of
percentages I will share in a day or so…)

So to simplify…

If you are trying to build up your strength on the Big 3, you will need
to incorporate a lot of volume to really get the thick dense muscle.

I will be back tom with some more cool info…

Get Stronger,


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