Hey YOU! I Think You Should Read This…

Arm-WrestlingHey You…

What’s up?

You feeling awesome today?

I hope your morning/day is off to an awesome start?

I just cranked out 40 minutes of walking on the treadmill  while listening to one of my favorite youtubers.

In todays video he brought up a point…

Are you getting weaker or stronger everyday?

Since I already burned 3oo calories and expanded my mind for 40 minutes I would say I am off to an awesome start.

How about you?

Are you tackling your day and becoming stronger?

If not man…


Life is short.

You need to be motivated everyday to do big things.

That is my mission to you.

Its why I show up everyday in your email box.

I want you to become a better person.

I want you to be the man all your friends envy.

I want you to be in killer shape.

Hell this is pumping me up right now.

How awesome is that?

I motivate you and in turn I become better myself.

I am all for it.

So make today your bitch.

Go out there and get better at something.

Boost your testosterone.

Hit some fat burning cardio.

Learn how to talk to girls.

Just get smarter.

You deserve it for yourself.



Ryan Magin

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