Hercules Is Your Goal

What’s up,

Since the theme so far this week has been how to develop
thick dense muscle and huge amounts of strength…

I couldn’t help myself but pay a tribute to another one of my
favorite marvel characters and famous historic demigod…


You see hercules is a prime example of what all strength
athletes strive to be. (I say this hypothetically)

But lets take a look at what history(Google) states Hercules was
capable of:

1) Vast Superhuman Strength –
The big herc is most known
for his capability to lift upwards of 100 tons. It is said that
his immense strength is derived from his powerful legs.

2) Superhuman Speed – Hercules strong legs are so explosive
he was portrayed to move at speeds over any human athlete.

3) Superhuman Stamina – Hercules advanced musculature
allows to feel no fatigue and almost limitless energy.

4) Huge Adonis Like Physique – Hercules dense physique
was almost perfect at every measurement.

Even at a towering size of 6′ 5″ and 325lbs he was considered to be a
professional womanizer.

It is safe to say if you were to train and achieve a tenth of
Hercules stats you would be one badass moo.

I mean imagine for a sec the ability to have huge levels
of strength…

A perfectly aesthetic physique women admire and guys

As well as the athletic ability to crush anything sport you
decide to play.

Sound like a dream come true?

Well maybe a little…

But I can tell ya…

With a properly laid out program that develops not only
maximum physical strength.

As well as strategically designed aesthetic based accessory

You could develop a pretty awesome physique.

I got a cool little article coming for ya tomorrow that will help
you combine all aspects of strength and looks together..

So keep an eye on your inbox..

Get Swole,


Ryan Magin

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  1. Terence Lee says:

    I can’t find your book hercules musxle anywhere. The link on herculesmuscle.com is broken. Please help.

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