He Was Laying On Broken Glass

What’s up,

One of the cool things I like about lifting weights is how
you can tailor your training to fit any goal you may have
at that given time.

For me right now it’s all about maintaining my strength
while packing on mass in some much needed trouble

I have always struggled with arms, upper chest, and

Now why my goal are being centered around aesthetics…

Guys like Mike Gillette are getting on TV shows like Ripleys
Believe it or not for dropping bowling balls on his abs.

Yup you read that correct…

Old time strength Expert Mike Gillette was featured on the
Ripleys TV show for having 14lb bowling ball dropped on
his stomach from 8 ft in the air….

As if this isn’t crazy enough…

MIke up the ante and laid down on a pile of broken glass.

Now that is freaking nuts.

Truth is Mike is able to do things like this due immense total
body strength.

Now while I am not about to run out and do anything like this…

I love learning how guys build strength to achieve such things.

If you get a minute…

==> Read about Mikes Feats of strength Here <==

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