Hate The Scale?

scaleimagesWhat’s up,

Every morning I get up and do relatively the same thing…

Wake up…

Take my morning pee…

Then I go step on the scale and weigh in.

I have done this (almost) every morning for the last year and half.

This to me is fun and highly irritating all at the same time.

Some mornings I get an awesome low weigh in and feel great…

Other mornings I weigh in and feel like a total fat ass.

I mean honestly it kinda feels like self inflicted torture lol.

But truth is…

For me…

It is accountability.

After doing this for so long I can look at my self in the mirror and pretty much guess exactly what I weigh.

I have also seen the difference eating certain foods the day before impact my physique.

Why is this important?

I can now predict how I look and weigh just by my food choices.

weigh in a little high…

Drop the fat and keep the calories low for a day.

looking a little too flat..

Up the carbs for a day…

I am sure you can see the point.

The more I  know my body the less I stress about what the scale actually says.

From my experience your weight will greatly fluctuate on a day to day basis.

My record is 8lbs from 8pm – 9am (not sure why lol)

Point is…

Don’t stress your day to day weight.

Just take note of how your body looks at each #.

Keep sticking to your plan (you do have one?).

Talk Soon,



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