Guest Workout From Hell

What’s up,

So yesterday I was doing my normal day to day routine and
headed to the gym around 3pm…

I walked in set my things down and and checked the board
to see what my workout was for the day.

Usually my buddy Chris Barnard writes em up on there
for me.

Yesterday was a little different.

This was a guest workout from Teiko of Big Man Strong.

He then told me he was gonna bust me up and train me
thru this workout.

I talked a little shit :) and we got under way.

Lately I have been following a pretty strict high volume
approach that entailed day to day single body part splits.

Yesterday I did a bunch of Chest back supersets.

The first lift was Dumbbell flat bench supersetted with
chest supported rows…

Only catch was the 3 second negative which I aint gonna

Messed me up.

I did 4 sets of 8 of the and then moved onto…

Incline Dumbbell press done in the same fashion supersetted
with Pull ups.

That was another 4 sets of pain :).

Final super set of the day was Cable flys and straight bar
lat pulldowns.

You may be wondering how the workout felt?

Well I felt awesome yesterday…

Today I got the kinda sore you get when you know damn
well you had  a good workout.

So since yesterdays session….

I can only imagine the results Teiko gets with his clients
back home in Canada.

Good thing for you is…

You don’t have to fly to Canada to get Teiko’s workouts…

==> Check out his Big mAn Strong Program

It may be just what you need to get jacked.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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