“Walk Your Way To Ripped” A Simple 24 Week Incline Walking Program Used By Bodybuilders, Physique Competitors, And Fitness Models When They Need To Look Their Best


What Is Included With The Walk Your Way To Ripped Program?

The Walk Your Way To Ripped program contains 3 different 8 week workout charts…

Week #1-8:

This is a great starting point for beginners to begin with. Most everyone will be able to finish this section of the program fairly easy.

Week #9-16:

This is the intermediate portion of the program. This will challenge and pose as a great starting point for most of you.

Week #17-24

This is for advanced trainees. If you are currently under 200lbs and in very good shape then you can start at this level.

The Walk Your Way To Ripped Program is designed to have you start at any of the 3 levels. Just be smart and start were you think is appropriate for your fitness level. This program is not designed to have you fail.

If you cant complete a 8 week section then you started on the wrong level.

I have made the Walk Your Way To Ripped program as easy to follow as possible. Do not expect 100 pages of science, theory, or fluff.

I supply the programs.

You supply the attitude and dedication.

So when you are ready…

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All Your Questions Answered…

Q: Why did you create the Walk Your Way To Ripped Program?

A: I created this PDF to help you simplify the act of performing cardio and to cut thru all the lies and bullshit being spread throughout the fitness industry. Point blank Incline walking jut works.

Q: Once I order the Walk Your Way To Ripped program when will I get it?

A: Walk Your Way To Ripped is a digitally delivered product, meaning minutes after your complete the order form you will be given complete access to the entire course.

Q: What happens if this doesn’t work for me?

A: If you don’t like the PDF or the results and you gave it a good honest shot I will gladly refund you the entire cost of the program… I will also let you keep the course – No questions asked

Q: What if I have any Problems with my order?

A: I am a real guy who tries his best to answer my email in a timely fashion. So if you have any problem with your shoot me an email to bmxstrong @ Gmail Dot Com.

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