The Truth About Low Fat Diets And Testosterone (Shocking!)

Have you been lied to in believing a high fat diet is the best way to increase your testosterone? If so the article below may be shocking and cause you to question what mainstream media wants you to believe.

By Ryan Magin
Author of: 101 Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

A typical concern for us as men, especially those burdened with age, is the presence of a special hormone and how active it is in our bodies. A crucial part of our gender that acts as the most prominent divider and differentiator from women.

That’s right, it’s our good ol’ friend: Testosterone.

Testosterone. If you haven’t thought about it lately or you don’t think it’s playing much of a role in your muscle building and day to day life…here is some information for you.

Without it, there would be no deadlifting 500 lbs, no hair sprouted on your chest, no back-double-bicep to flash on stage, no commanding voice of authority rustling through your vocal cords, and railing your woman would be nothing but a comedy show for the latter partner, because without adequate levels of the big T…you’re not getting anything CLOSE to an erection.

There are a million different things that can affect your “test” levels. But instead of getting so intricate with the process, we can generalize it under a single word if looking through broadened eyes.


Stress not just in the sense of, “I can’t stand my job!” or, “Would one of you kids take out the garbage for once!”.

While most of us see stress only in this way, it has to be realized that stress takes on many other forms as well. Exercise is a good example as it adheres to the realm of ‘Physical Stress’.

Though I’m sure you’ve heard it before, there are two types of stress: Eustress & Distress. Eustress being “good” stress (such as smart resistance training), and Distress being “bad” stress (i.e. not liking your job, struggles with partners or kids).

The remainder of this article will refer to dietary forms of distress, for this negative tension serves to stifle certain processes in the body…such as testosterone production.

Let’s talk about LOW FAT DIETS.

This is an interesting area in nutrition. When you start looking at different ways of eating and using a method of compare and contrast to debate on whether it is applicable to you in reaching certain goals…

A low fat diet is no different, and we can look at some positive and negatives when it comes to testosterone production, building muscle, and overall health.

Doing a quick search will give you a pretty typical answer when you link up “low fat diets” and “testosterone”.

The general acquisition is that not consuming enough dietary fat will consequently see your testosterone levels plummet.

This is because testosterone is manufactured by the fatty acids and cholesterol that you ingest when eating animal products and other fat like, unctuous foods. Therefore, the more fatty acids consumed, the more testosterone will be produced.

An issue with eating vast amounts of fat-indulged resources, is that the possiblity of increasing your body fat % rises significantly.

Why is this important?

It’s been pertinent in the scientific community for quite some time that the amount of body fat a person has on them can be heavily connected to their testosterone production.

This has been justified in a number of ways, one of the most interesting being that there is an approximate 23% overlap of genes that control body fat composition, as well as testosterone production.

The more adipose tissue (fat) prevalent on a human body, the less testosterone will be produced.

Besides that little blip of information though, there are numerous other reasons why us as men in the realm of sport and training should consider trying a more low fat approach in our dieting.

Something often failed to be recognized on this topic of low fat diets and testosterone production, is the part it plays in balancing estrogen levels in relation to our hormone of manliness.

To get you in the right mindset, consider estrogen to be “female”, and testosterone to be “male” in terms of hormones. While man and woman of course carry both, the levels of the respective hormones are drastically different in each gender.

The amount of “male” hormones floating around versus “female” is the thing your tissues are really most concerned about. In proportion, if you have more testosterone, the more likely it is that those receptors will be activated, giving you the benefits of that hormone!

Consuming a low fat diet, in some studies, have shown the estradiol (“bad” estrogen) in men dropping from 47.2 to 23.8 pg/ml, while their testosterone levels remained constant at 510 ng/dl. That is a massive 50+% reduction in estradiol levels! Therefore effectively DOUBLING the testosterone-estrogen ratio in the body.

That doesn’t sound too shabby if you ask me.

Besides this, a low fat diet may be something to consider in terms of overall health, wellness and longevity. It has the ability to help clear up plaque ridden arteries, which has a plethora of snowballing benefits in itself.

The clearer your arteries are, the lower blood pressure you will have (blood is not being forced through a smaller area). Less risk of heart attacks from plaque breaking off artery walls, and a much stronger erection also for the same reason that blood will more easily be drawn to the penis. Who can argue with that!

Coming back to the idea of stress…the healthier your body is, the less stress (distress) it must have on it.

Distress can sometimes be beneficial for us as human beings, for it makes us grow and persevere into stronger people. However, constant physiological stress from bad eating habits and not paying attention to what your body really needs can be very detrimental in the long run.

If we want higher levels of testosterone so we can build more muscle, have better sex and perform optimally at full mental strength…

perhaps we should look at our lifestyles first before pounding back loads of saturated fats to create a body our lifestyle isn’t ready for.

Getting adequate amounts of sleep, eating quality cruciferous vegetables, maintaining a healthy sex life, lifting weights, meditation (de-stressing), and eating GOOD QUALITY FATS (such as avocados, olives, fish oils, and nuts).

These are ALL equally important remedies for keeping your testosterone in check. As with anything, never get too caught up in a singular area on any given topic.

There is always something else playing a part. It’s up to you, as a responsibility and an owing to your body to find what it needs to live, learn and lift at full strength.

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