This Type Of Cardio Builds Muscle, Burns Fat, And Boosts Your Testosterone…

By: Ryan Magin
Author: 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

If you’re in suspicion of having low testosterone…than you’ve probably been experiencing one or more of the following things: low libido levels or complete lack there of, decrease in muscle mass, decrease in bone density, depression, infertility, loss of hair and in more general terms the feeling that you aren’t as much a “man” as you once were. That edge, that strength that defines us males is wearing or gone to the extent of your knowledge.

Now, a visit to the trusty family doctor is probably only going to end in one of two ways.

1.) He fills out for you some magic prescription for a new test subject pill that “might very well possibly in all probability of the matter under correct circumstances not taking into account any other function of your body” aid in your production of more testosterone. With of course the tradeoff that whatever drug in hand is likely to increase your risks of heart attack, stroke, sleep deprivation and the like. You’re gonna leave the clinic with a risky arsenal of medications and all the false hopes they carry.

2.) OR, because often times your typical physician does not take a holistic approach to health and wellness, your situation may be looked at as one that requires hormone replacement therapy. This is extreme, but certainly not unheard of. Undergoing this process can often times be avoided, and with that avoiding the increased risks of congestive heart failure, liver toxicity and tumours as well as infertility and skin diseases.

Why not look at more NATURAL ways of increasing your testosterone, and getting your body, your mind and your life back on track…?

Most of us here I’m sure participate in some sort of physical activity. Be it playing with your kids, a physically demanding workplace, or you crush the gym 3-5 times a week picking up some serious weight. These alone are GREAT ways to keep your hormone levels in check. The joy you get from playing with your kids, the constant varied movements at the workplace, and the intensity in which you lift at the gym all bring out the best in your hormonal performance.

I got something simple you should add to your repertoire though, and that’s sprinting.
Sprinting is an excellent activity to give your T levels a kick in the ass, spiking them during, as well as after you’ve finished the different runs!

Studies have shown average males ranging from the ages of 35-50  (a range generally affected by levels of low testosterone) put on a short, intense sprinting program following their normal lifting routines, saw a significant raise and maintenance of their testosterone levels. Afterwards their levels still remained high!

Why is this? It can be correlated to the same scenario as lifting heavy weights to increase your testosterone.

A sprint to a run is the same thing as a 1-3 rep max to a lift at the gym.

See what I’m saying?

That burst of INTENSITY is what will stimulate the release of these anabolic growth hormones.

If I tell you to SPRINT, and you aren’t going 100%, balls to the wall for the specified distance…my friend, you aren’t sprinting.

Keep them short, and keep the rest periods long. The more prolonged a training session is if accompanied by high volume, very strenuous work, your cortisol levels will be going through the roof. Cortisol is a stress hormone, it’s catabolic, breaks you down.

Testosterone is anabolic, we want to build you up! These short little bursts of speed are enough to get your heart pumping, your legs burning and your hormones stimulated.

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