The Importance Of Sleep And How It Affects Your Testosterone Production

(Read the article below to learn how sleep affects your bodies ability to produce testosterone, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), lean muscle mass, and fat loss…)

By Ryan Magin
Author of: 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

If you’ve been reading the articles as of late, you’ll have noticed a recurrence of a very important point when it comes to raising your testosterone and HGH levels naturally.
That my friends would be getting to bed on time.

It is honestly the most crucial of any technique, lifestyle tip or whatever the hell you want to call it. Not just for the better production of your anabolic (muscle building) hormones, but overall general health and well being.

Getting AT THE MINIMUM 8 hours of sleep per night is going to prove absolutely crucial in your goals of becoming bigger, stronger, healthier and more able to be the man you want to be at work, with your family and for yourself.

In deep sleep your body undergoes intense recovery and recuperation that is only possible when you are in the most solemn of slumbers. If the body doesn’t have this time to repair the “damage” you’ve done during the day, in the gym or what have you, it is shot into an immense state of stress.

During times of rest your body amplifies the production of imperative hormones (growth hormone, testosterone) to your fitness and health goals. Getting less than 6-7 hours of sleep gives you a time frame that is inadequate in frequency to provide you with sufficient levels of these bodily chemicals.

You can forget right now the idea that going to bed at 11 and getting up at 4 because you’re a go getter, hard working mother fucker is going to pack on slabs of muscle to your body.

Regardless of if you train different body parts each day, you only have one central nervous system in which all your training is processed. Unfortunately, that son of a bitch gets tired from time to time, leaving you at a loss for muscle and strength gains.

Let go of the ego and realize that you are not growing when you pick that bar up off the floor.

You’re putting the body in a state where it can repair and grow, but, subsequently if you don’t let it rest and perform such functions, you’ll be at a standstill until you wake up and find the discipline to take a day off or get to bed a little earlier.

Not only is insufficient sleep a weary environment for hormone production, as mentioned above, it leaves you in a nasty state of panic and stress.

It’s been shown time and time again that only hitting the 5-6 hour mark through the wee dark hours can have you performing physiologically as well as someone who is pre-diabetic and in the need for medical attention.

What kind of effect do you think that will have on damn near EVERYTHING you do? Whether you feel it acutely or not, it’s worthwhile taking the research into consideration, and noting that later on in your life, the hell you put yourself through might add up to something much larger in the grand scheme of things.

Recent studies funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood institute have concurred that in less than 1 week of sleep deprivation, (5 or so hours of sleep per night) a healthy, lean young males testosterone levels dropped by up to 15%…the equivalent of aging 10-15 years!

The effects this could have on your social performance, libido, mental clarity, immune system and god forbid your workouts is going to be unprecedented.

We have to start prioritizing our sleep and go against the norm of our society, and strife to achieve “the American dream”.

What I mean is that our society is so driven by the early alarm clock, the late night call outs and the long hour essay drives that we’ve lost respect to what our bodies need and crave.

I’m all for the mental toughness and discipline to get yourself up out of bed and start getting shit done, but lets be a little more sensible about the situation.

Take this perspective into account, your productivity and time management will be much more efficient if you got a clear head to think with, and a strong body to perform under.

Making more of your day could very well lead you to the prudent conclusion that you don’t need to be up until 2 AM grinding away on your next project.

Let’s talk than what you can start doing RIGHT NOW to de-clutter the lifestyle and make an environment more optimal for balanced hormone production and long term physical/mental benefits.

First is that your bedroom should be like a sacred place. This is where you rest, repair, grow, love, rise and fall.

There’s absolutely no need to fill it with the working worries of your career, or the constant fumble of everyday business. You rest your head here, so it should be the most peaceful place for you in your house.

Whatever that means to you, take action, and rid the associations of other complications and reserve such space for calmness and content.

Second, detach yourself from the modern world as the world winds down for its end of the day shutter. All the bright fluorescent bulbs, the flickering TV banter and the ominous iPhone applications put you into an inescapable sympathetic state.


The body doesn’t know the difference between sun rays and artificial beams. It sees light, than it must be day, so you must have to be up and doing something.

This is a vicious cycle, stop fooling your body, honor nature and when the sun starts going down, you follow its ways.

Third quick tip, nutrition. Stop eating sugar around 1-2 PM. This serves to balance out your blood  sugar in preparation for the end of the day.

If you’re eating high glycemic foods such as bread, low fiber fruits and obviously any junk foods or candies, you’re sending your insulin through the roof and restarting what is a lengthy process in stabilization. Your body than lingers longer in its sympathetic state. Keep it simple, cut the sugars.

I can’t emphasize enough that proper rest and recovery is #1.

Often times whatever you are doing in training can be quickly counter balanced if proper leisure is not accommodated. Start today with making this your top of the list health priority. Wake up to its importance, and get to bed on time.

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