Why Having Sex Will Actually Help You Increase Your Testosterone

(Read the article below to learn the importance a healthy sex life has in boosting your energy, building lean muscle, and having energy for days.)

By Ryan Magin
Author of: 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

You’ve without doubt noticed that when in the presence of women, you’re far more inclined to stand with an upright posture, chest out, slightly flexed and feet drilled into the ground.

You’re tall, you’re strong…hell, you epitomize the perfect image of a man.

The more put together and dominant you present yourself, the more likely you are to attract a woman of complimentary traits. Thus increasing chances of reproduction to our species as a whole.

So on a global scale, look at that, you’re making the world a better place (sort of, don’t get too high on your horse), but what direct benefits are you getting from infatuating with the opposite sex?

Let’s talk hormonally. You want to be producing optimal amounts of anabolic hormones at every possible opportunity. This will serve you to enhance muscular growth, strength, bone density and even sleep quality. We want all of these things!

Sexual activity and healthy encounters can provide your body with an acute boost in testosterone levels that can better assist you in living a peak lifestyle.

The fact is that just BEING in the presence of ANY woman can increase your levels of testosterone by up to 30 % according to some studies. Now imagine if we were to take things further.

Relations with your partner or any such intimate encounter can bump that up 4-fold.

Having morning sex can push the limits of hormone production even further. You’re already getting a boost of testosterone when you start off the day, particularly if you’ve had a solid 8-10 hours of sleep.

Getting an early romp in there might just be the next best supplementary practice for test production. Talk about starting the day off right (are you with me fellas?).

Studies from Vienna (you betchya, we went all the way to Europe for this shit) found that even having men view a pornographic film for 15 minutes could cause, in some cases, the males T levels to rise significantly (up to 100%) there afterwards.

Some light bulbs should be going off by now, SEXUAL STIMULATION IS A FACTOR WORTH NOTING.
Human interaction is vital, it’s what makes us the species we are. Our capacity to form relationships and connect with one another is unprecedented compared to any other living thing. Without it, you are lost. You won’t get anywhere near complete if you think you can tackle this world all on your own. Get involved, and get physical.

Sex offers us a wide array of health benefits that we could honestly talk about for weeks on end. Lower stress levels leading to consequent decreased risks of heart attack and stroke, increases awareness and general mental health, hell it can even turn into a good cardio session if you play your cards right. Topping off your testosterone is just something else to the pile.

Especially if you’re over 40, and perhaps your sex life has been thrown to the wayside in recent years. There’s a tendency for such individuals to experience even more drastic changes in quality of life when they begin to engage again in sexual practice.

This as opposed to an 18 year old college freshmen who’ll try to fuck anything that moves.
We as men, growing up begin to feel overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility placed upon ourselves.

If you’re providing for your family, making strides in your career and hitting the gym trying to pack on some muscle…intimacy and relationships begin to weather.

You lose sight of what’s really important, it’s only natural, because we want to succeed. But actually stripping some of these things down, and focusing more on what REALLY means the most to you will in the end make the road to success in other fields much smoother.

A happy, more fulfilled and satisfied human being has greater capacity to perform and do what needs to be done. Sparking things again in your personal relationships with some romance and PASSION can be a great place for you to start. Get busy fellas.

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