Self Confidence And How It Affects Your Testosterone.

By Ryan Magin
Author of: 101 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

When’s the last time you felt proud? The last time you felt STRONG, and in CONTROL?

If you’re not in these kind of states, and holding this kind of power on a consistent basis…something very important is taking a big hit.

Your testosterone.

Your test levels are one of the most valuable pieces of the puzzle when it comes to making you the MAN you are today. Separating the ladies from the gents, boys from the men and pussies from the fighters, dominators and achievers.

If you always got your head hanging low, you’re off to a real bad start. Pick your chin up and get ready to fucking move.

There is a direct correlation between how you carry yourself day to day and your anabolic hormones (testosterone).

Think of it through this example. Animals out in the wild, always fighting for survival. A lion comes across a pride out in the Sahara…

With no women to call his own, he approach’s the situation with great desire and spark. He must overtake the current males to show his dominance and achieve alpha status.

Engaging in combat and DOMINATING his competition, the lion proves victorious, and is now head of his own pride.

A common place for many male lions or other animals to find themselves in is one of defiance, initiation and a showing of self worth.

WHEN they overcome such obstacles and express their true superiority, their testosterone levels go through the roof.

We as men are born to be leaders! Just as is the lion! Born to fight for supremacy with honor and integrity!

So I ask you are you living an Alpha Male lifestyle? Are you letting your surroundings and others decide how you live your life?

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