Unorthodox Cardio Method Guarantees Rapid Fatloss And Six Pack Development…

By Ryan Magin
Author of: Walk Your Way Ripped

Big, strong men often have a very real dilemma when it comes to incorporating cardiovascular training into their weekly regimens.

Even the slimmer physiques that graze the iron platoons of lifting and overall fitness sometimes have difficulty figuring out the best methods to getting the heart pumping.

But at the end of the day we all want to get/stay lean, and have a healthy heart capable of getting us through each day optimally. Whatever the physical demands.

I’m gonna make things real simple, because in all actuality, it just is.
Start walking.

man_on_treadmillThat’s right! WALKING. No you don’t have to sprint up hills, join a spin class, or go to fucking Crossfit every morning and WOD until your heart feels like exploding. All you need to do, is walk.

Well, what if you like sprinting up hills? Or enjoy trying to match Rich Froning’s regional scores?

I got news. You could very well be doing a lot more harm than good. Performing ABOVE your targeted maximum heart rate is often times very dangerous to the moderately trained individual. But also just all in all highly unnecessary.

Let’s go over some pros to this extremely effective form of cardio, and get you on the wagon to real life health, wellness and longevity.

Pro’s Of Walking

LOW IMPACT: This one is obvious. Especially if you’re up in the heavyweight class of gargantuan lifting fortitude, there probably isn’t a shot in hell we’re going to get you running to any degree.

Not only that, a larger physique, or even a small physique with poor form is going to lead to serious stress and repetitive use injuries when it comes to running.

OVERTRAINING? HA!: Overtraining is out of the question when we talk about supplementing walking into your training routine.

Unlike HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), walking is very low intensity and rejuvenating to the body. If you’re out there trying to be the next Jerry Rice, and sprinting up 80 yard hills til’ you puke your guts out, you’re almost CERTAINLY doing more harm than good.

Quit the narcissistic self-punishment. We’re trying to lean out, not win the Super Bowl.

BURNS FAT: That’s right! Walking is performed usually at such a level of intensity that the body has no need to reach for its primary, preferred source of energy…carbs.

It will reach into the fat stores in order to provide you the necessary vigor to power through each session.

PROMOTES RECOVERY: As mentioned above, walking is REJUVENATING. You always feel better after going for a walk. Particularly if it’s outside in a scenic environment, with a loved one or listening to music.

Physiologically speaking walking also enables the body to mobilize waste products left over from previous poundage crushing sessions in the gym. Quality ingested nutrients will also be better utilized as they are shuttles throughout the human systems.

BUILDS AEROBIC CAPACITY: You may think you need to jog every morning at 5AM or jump on the stair master for two hours straight in order to get any sort of cardio benefit.

This is the result of seriously misled societal guidance’s, power tripped personal trainers and hyped up sales invalids. As will be discussed later in this article, to obtain fat burning results and cardiovascular proficiency you only need to be performing at about 75-80% of your max. heart rate. Walking, in that case, is usually enough.

stress-relief-200x200STRESS RELIEF/MENTAL SERENITY: This one is HUGE. Especially for all us Westerners who don’t know how to calm the fuck down.

Walking is an extremely meditative practice that can help the most high strung of people to let go, relax and silence their minds to the utmost degree.

Walking is a perfect time to spend with lovers, friends, children, business partners you name it. Leave the phone at home and get outside. Or, plug in those headphones and listen to audiobooks.

Look at every session as an opportunity not only to burn fat and create a more attractive physique, but to educate your mind on the various materials that interest you.

muscleindexNO MUSCLE FIBER CONVERSION: If you’re an athlete than it’s time to pay attention. Whatever sport you play or kind of weight you lift is heavily dependent on the ratio of fast twitch to slow twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch fibers (type IIb) are POWERFUL.

They make your strong, and they make you fast. Slow twitch (type I) are just that, SLOW. They are triggered when performing prolonged aerobic activity at moderate intensities (i.e. jogging).

Naturally, the more you practice one mode of muscle fiber stimulation, the more adept your body becomes at activating those types of fibers.

Jogging copious amounts is going to enable such a process, which for anyone looking to get really strong or really fast should be a red flag. Walking on the other hand is performed at a low enough intensity the body sees no need to change the composition of such fibers. Less work, same weight loss benefit? You can thank me later.

Rhd0t.qxdINCREASE TESTOSTERONE: Yeah, yeah. I know I just told you quite bluntly that walking is NOT going to be building you any muscle.

And in terms of sufficient stress to the musculature in order to trigger a hypertrophy response, this is profoundly accurate. HOWEVER, there is another part to walking that can play a SIGNIFICANT role in you packing on lean mass, and that is how it affects your hormones.

As most of us probably know, when you train hard you succeed in the mission of breaking down muscle tissue by putting adequate stress through the body.

This is a good thing, and can regularly boost levels of testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) by weighty proportions. Both of which are coercive in the ideal of you being built like a brick shit house.

Here’s where the problem lies though…

You build muscle when you are RESTING. Those anabolic type hormones only remain high if your allow them to. If you keep training, training, running hills, and training again…there’s no longer a suppressed state of stress.

Your body is always in a sympathetic (fight or flight), breaking down state (catabolic). Cortisol (catabolic, known as the “stress hormone”) is pumping viciously through your body, not allowing the repairing processes engrained into our systems to take place.

BUT, walking can be a saving grace in such instances. If you have the itch to train continuously, always hitting it hard and intense, remember the above points, and use walking as an outlet for your energy.

Let go of your ego and realize you don’t have to be up at 5 hitting it balls to the wall every morning. Rest, and relax. Such meditative practices such as walking will allow your body to delve into a calm, parasympathetic (rest and digest) state.

There, you will fully utilize and release MORE anabolic hormones to help build you stronger. This for the simple reason that your body now sees it safe to do so.

PERFORM FASTED: The idea behind fasted cardio is that exercising on an empty stomach leaves the body no option but to use fat storage for energy. I believe whole heartedly in this concept.

The difference though is when you have the choice between 45 minute sprint intervals and a 45 minute walk in the woods. When you choose the sprints, that’s when you feel like shit, want to pass out and completely disregard fasted exercise and its benefits.

Simply put though, you just don’t have enough readily available nutrients to support such drastic movement.

Relax and move with ease, walk.

WALKING IS EASY AND FOR EVERYONE: With everything and everyone else trying their hardest to complicate your life, you don’t need other entanglements pushing your attention.

You can’t mess up walking and it’s extremely hard to overdo it as well. Any age group is welcome and people of all fitness levels can always resort back to this misunderstood wonder.

Now that’s a lot to take in, but it just makes sense doesn’t it? I think we’ve now established some groundwork you can refer to when considering cardiovascular exercise.

The underlying message I’d like to get across to you is the persuading standpoint of choosing walking over higher impact, higher stress activities not necessarily applicable to your current situation.

The fact that you can get just as much benefit from walking, or in other words, performing at a drastically reduced rate of exertion. Let’s not forget however, that anything with “Pros”, surely has some “Cons”.

Cons Of Walking

DOESN’T BUILD MUSCLE: Ha! In your dreams! You are not going to be building much for muscle when it comes to walking (that’s what the iron is for jackass!).

Building muscle requires significant stress and load through the muscles, hence why lifting HEAVY for low reps creates such a strong and dense muscular physique. However, you will be increasing the mitochondrial content of your muscles, enabling higher energy output.

DOES NOT REPLACE SPORTS SPECIFIC CARDIO: It’s just plain fact. If you’re a soccer player who has to SPRINT repeatedly up and down 100 yards of turf for 90 minutes…walking isn’t the answer. Think logically and consider your physical demands.

WALKING IS TIME ENGROSSING: To an extent. Consider though the amount of time you spend lollygagging around the house. Watching TV, surfing Facebook, texting, lounging.

Give me a break.

Get up and do something is more like it. Prioritize your time with a daily walk and you will experience all the necessity for rest and relaxation you so happily excuse your laziness with.


As mentioned above, to reap fat burning benefits from cardiovascular activity, you only need to be performing at about 80% of your maximum heart rate.

To calculate that, simply subtract your age from 220 (i.e. 35 years old, 220-35=185) than times by 0.8 (185×0.8=148 beats per minute). If you can get your hands on a heart rate monitor, this would enable you to stay within the desired heart beat range.

You might also be surprised to see how LITTLE you need to do to get yourself in that range.

The beauty of knowing these numbers is that we can now manipulate our walks to output a higher heart rate with LESS impact on the body. How you might ask? Here’s a few examples.

WEIGHTED BACKPACK: Wearing a weighted backpack is going to SIGNIFICANTLY increase the demand on your body. The STRESS however will likely decrease as you will not have to walk as far, fast or on as extreme terrain to boost your heart rate to 80%.

HEAVY HANDS: This is a system developed by a man, Dr. Leonard Schwartz, designed to dramatically increase cardiovascular output…consequently aiding in the reduction of overall body fat.

Though it may seem that you’re just holding weights in your hands while walking, there is a very scientific and well indulged thought process behind such doings.

With this system Len and many others have achieved VO2 maxes off the charts even compared to elite athletes of various sports. With the same ideology of the cardio gurus “Isotonometrics”, the weights increase oxygen demand substantially when performing aerobic exercise.

This can be deemed similar to sports such as cross country skiing, a sport which holds the athletes with the WORLD’S highest cardiovascular efficiency.

INCLINE ON TREADMILL: This is my favorite method to really jack up your heart rate and put it into fat burning mode. Simply put the treadmill at a high incline and get to walking. No scientific explanation needed here.

These are just a couple examples of how we can get our heart rate where it needs to be without increasing the pace of your movement or grade of your trail.

This all in all results in less stress on your joints and tendons, encouraging and undoubtedly prolonging health and longevity of your tissues.

You want to keep this consciously in your mind. Don’t mindlessly push yourself to the point of heart popping air gasps. It’s unnecessary, foolish and DANGEROUS to say the least.

Walking in turn provides athletes and everyday people of drastically varying degrees to maintain peak cardiovascular health, as well as strip off body fat safely and assuredly.

When tempted by Bob and Jillian of “The Biggest Loser” that you need to be performing at such drastic intensities to be healthy, consider this article, and play it smart.

When To Walk

Timing isn’t super crucial when it comes to walking. If you just want to be fitter and healthier then walk whenever you can.

The total duration doesn’t even have to be continuous. If you want to burn fat, the best time to walk is in the morning in a fasted state as explained above.

The second best time to walk is right after a tough weight-training workout (the workout will have burned off a fair amount of glycogen, leaving your body ready to tap into fat), and the third best time is basically any time you can.

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