How Would You Like To Build Unstoppable Self Confidence And A Body That Makes Women Want To Approach You?

What Exactly Is The GQ Body?

collagephoto7-1024x1024The GQ body is the exact plan I am currently following to achieve a lean dense physique.

==> That is my current transformation in the pic 

This is not a program to follow if you currently want to pack on a lot of muscle.

This is not an athletic based program.

This is strictly designed to make you look good.

If you put in the work I can guarantee that women will compliment the way you look.

The GQ Body will make your clothes fit better which in turn will again make you look better.

This will cause more people to notice you and they will again compliment you on how you look.

I know this because I am doing it.

The things I listed above are exactly what happens to me every time I go out, run into people I haven’t seen in awhile, or talk to women.

Here is whats included in The GQ Body….

Chapter 1 – Introduction

This is brief summary of what The GQ body is and why I created it

Chapter 2 – The Starting point

In this chapter I go thru and tell were to start no matter what your physique looks like at this present moment. Whether you need to lose fat or add a little muscle this chapter will get you on the right path.

Chapter 3 – To Train Legs Or Not To Train Legs

I know this chapter will cause an uproar but I lay out the facts as to whether you need to train legs or not to reach your physique goals.

Chapter 4 – The importance of card In achieving the GQ look

This chapter outlines the exact cardio methods I have used to drop 45lbs of fat in the last 6 months to get me at my lowest weight and current body fat percentage.

Chapter 5 – Putting it all together

This is were I tie up all the loose ends and give you the plan of attack to be well on your way to achieving the lean dense physique

Chapter 6 – The workouts

Here I layout the workouts and give the exact sets and reps for you to follow.

Chapter 7 – Why I chose the exercises I did

This s were I give you the reasons as to why I chose each individual exercise and what you can elect to see by doing them consistently.

Chapter 8 – Maintaining this look year round

Here is were I explain once you get to the look you want how to maintain this body fat year round.

Chapter 9 – Completing the GQ look

The GQ look is much more then just building a lean dense physique. Here Is were I will help you become a complete badass in life.

Chapter 10 – Recommended resources

These are just a few more things I believe will help you in achieving the GQ look

All Your Questions Answered…

Q: Why did you create the GQ Body?

A: I created this PDF to help guys build a body that makes women want to approach, as well as look amazing in clothes. It also has a side benefit of making you look really good naked.

Q: Once I order The GQ Body when will I get it?

A: The GQ Body is a digitally delivered product, meaning minutes after your complete the order form you will be given complete access to the entire course.

Q: What happens if this doesn’t work for me?

A: If you don’t like the PDF or the results and you gave it a good honest shot I will gladly refund you the entire cost of the program… I will also let you keep the course – No questions asked

Q: What if I have any Problems with my order?

A: I am a real guy who tries his best to answer my email in a timely fashion. So if you have any problem with your shoot me an email to bmxstrong @ Gmail Dot Com.

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